From stave to stave

After maturing, the pieces of stave wood are shortened before passing through the doleuse. It gives a slight rounding to each face, bulging the outside and hollowing the inside. Then the top and bottom of the future stave are slightly narrowed.

The shaping of the barrel is an art.

Transformation of the pieces into a stave

The stavewood is a board in its raw state and must now be transformed to become an assembly board, the stave. Our craftsmen, thanks to an ancestral know-how, follow a thousand-year-old method used since barrels were first made. The wood is again cut and shaped.

The staves are finished.

In order to facilitate the future bending, the stave is hollowed out on the inside and the outside face is then curved. Then, in the final phase, the angles are adjusted to guarantee total tightness.

We have made the choice of a handcrafted production, at the same time accompanied by modern technology for the operations which require force.

About thirty staves are successively and initially assembled around a temporary metal circle, it’s called the setting of the rose.