More than 25 years of experience in stave making and total mastery of the raw material allow TB Tonnellerie to produce oak barrels in optimal conditions and thanks to the art of the trade, while respecting the development sustainability of forests and biodiversity.

Being a stave maker is a craft in which we are lucky enough to practice.

For several decades, the craftmanship of  TB Tonnellerie and the production site sign high-end barrels for the world’s greatest wines. TB Tonnellerie stands out thanks to the artisanal toasting which differs from traditional toasting.


We can guarantee the origin of our oak. Our raw material comes from France (Allier, Vosges, Jupille, Bertrange), central Europe and the Caucasus.


The selection of wood requires a great knowledge of the forest. The oak is at least 120 years old and more often it is 170 years old.

from log to stave

The importance of the wood splitting operation is decisive for obtaining the guarantee of the sealing of future oak staves. Our highly qualified teams split the staves respecting the grain of the wood.


The staves are sorted and put on pallets before following the aging process. They are stored outside for natural drying.

from stave to stave

The machining of the barrel includes the following steps: dolling and jointing.


The art of toasting: the intensity and duration will give the barrel the characteristics sought after by our customers. Depending on the chosen toast, the molecules present in the oak will give off different aromas in the wine.

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