Our workshops

TB Tonnellerie offers several types of barrel containers from 225 to 600 liters. As well as 4 levels of artisanal toast (blond, medium, medium +, and strong). This artisanal toasting, “ember toasting”, has been designed and developed in our workshops. It is the distinctive mark of our know-how.

Our craftsmen carefully follow a thousand-year-old method based on ancestral know-how.

Efficient artisans

The workshop is made up of craftsmen coopers, who every day make the barrels that will age the wines of tomorrow.
The workshop uses a high-performance production tool and offers a range of high-quality oak barrels. Thanks to the mastery of an ancestral know-how.

TB Tonnellerie combines an artisanal and essentially manual know-how with a high technological mastery thus guaranteeing a perfect quality, homogeneity and regularity of its barrels.