The cooperage

More than 25 years of experience in stave mills and the total control of the raw material allow TB Tonnellerie to produce oak barrels in optimal conditions, while respecting the sustainable development of forests and biodiversity.

Being a cooper is also a profession in which we have the chance to practice.

Established for 25 years and always artisanal, TB Tonnellerie and the production site sign top-of-the-range barrels for the greatest wines in the world.  TB Tonnellerie stands out thanks to its artisanal toasting.


We can guarantee the origin of our oak. Our raw material comes from France (Allier, Vosges, Jupille, Bertrange), Central Europe and Caucasus.


The selection of the wood requires a great knowledge of the forestry massifs. The age of the oak is at least 120 years old and more often it is 170 years old.

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