The toasting

TB Tonnellerie offers a range of barrel capacities in the form of different intensities. A toasting called “artisanal toasting” was designed and developed in our workshops. It is a distinctive mark of our know-how.

 The art of toasting is an essential step
in the production of high quality barrels.

The artisanal toasting

To meet the requirements of our customers, we manufacture “artisanal toasting” which are different from the so-called “traditional” heaters.
The glowing oak embers are renewed several times, which allows the toasting to penetrate several millimeters into the stave. This toasting allows the sweetness and the vanillin to come out more, because it is very slow and at low temperature. We thus obtain a fine, subtle and elegant woodiness. The reuse of the barrel in 2nd wine brings 60 to 70% of the contribution of a new barrel.

Depending on the intensity and duration, the toasting will give the barrel the characteristics sought after by our customers.

We have a wide range of toastings, always based on wood embers (between 1h and 5h). The intensity is controlled (temperature) and very slow in order to avoid the blistering of the wood. We offer 4 classic toasts (blonde, medium, medium +, strong) and a prestige toast.